Sit Pretty Pit is a registered non-profit organization for pit bull rescue and advocacy in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia.


Why pit bulls? These dogs are active, tenacious and endlessly loving. Their intelligence and eagerness to please makes them excel at a variety of activities, for example: obedience, Rally-O, agility, nose work, disk, fly ball, weight pull, and dock diving. Pit bulls also shine as therapy dogs and service animals.

Media and irresponsible ownership have damaged the pit bull’s reputation, perpetuating a cycle of discrimination and abuse. Bully breeds are overrepresented in the shelter system, and too often face euthanasia due to breed stigma and deterioration in the kennel environment.

Our mandate is to support pit bull guardians in keeping their dogs, while partnering with local shelters to assist pit bull type dogs surrendered or abandoned. We aim to see every dog fulfill his potential as a best friend and beloved family member.

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