Licences Available!

We sell licenses!

Get your dog license yet? No? No Problem!  The team at Sit Pretty Pit will sell you yours with proceeds going to our rescue. Vernon licenses available. For 2014 Altered dogs are $35 and unaltered are $75. Please email us at for your 2014 License!

1. If your dog gets lost

  • A license on your dog’s collar is the fastest way to contact you when your dog is lost. Licensing your dog allows the city to contact you at anytime if your dog is found.
  • A license is immediately visible to anyone who finds your dog so they can attempt to get your dog back home. Citizens are more likely to approach a licensed dog.
  • Licensed dogs have a higher chance of getting home compared to unlicensed dogs.

2. Responsible Pet Ownership

  • Licensing your dog shows that you are a responsible dog owner.
  • When you walk your dog or let your dog play in designated areas, people will notice the license on your dog’s collar and know that you really care about your dog’s welfare.
  • Dogs without licenses carry a stigma of owner neglect.

3. Accidents Happen

  • If your dog is injured or hit by a car and is wearing a current license you can be notified immediately to ensure the best care possible for your pet.

4. The fee you pay for your dog license

  • License fees helps the City’s Animal Control Program and Spay and Neuter Clinics operate.
  • These license fees also help stray animals find new homes by utilizing new and innovative adoption programs.

5. It’s the law

  • Living in the Okanagan brings many lifestyle advantages and cultural rewards, but it also carries some obligations.  Among these are the payments of fees for Municipal Services such as the Animal Control Program which benefits all citizens and animals in the City.

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