In Loving Memory and new beginnings


Corrine and Curtis said goodbye to their Louie and welcomed a Sit Pretty Pit Rescue into their lives. Take a moment to read their adoption story and don’t forget to get out your tissue box <3

On April 1, 2014 we said good-bye to one of our most cherished family members. Louie had been at our sides for six years: stealing coveted bed space, faithfully acting as passenger-seat navigator and filling our hearts with joy as he swam in circles for his own enjoyment in any body of water he could wade into. For 6 years we relished in Louie’s love and absolute adoration.

In the last year of his life he aged quickly, his muzzle lightening and his energy level dropping. A little pep returned to his step when we welcomed his sister, Gerdie, a French Bulldog puppy into our lives last July. Or at least the pep returned after giving us the I-can’t-believe-what-you’ve-done cold shoulder for a month. There were play sessions again and a walking companion . . . a walking companion that was at his side when he ruptured his left ACL. She was at his side when he arrived home from surgery – shamefully sporting his cone, helped move his recovery along on short strolls to build back up his strength, and she was with him while he trotted along the beach in the moments before he tore his second ACL in less than 4 months.

The next 48 hours were agonizing – our LouDog was fading. Our best options were not enough to restore our boy to the life he was accustomed too. Some sobering moments of reflection highlighted that two broken knees were not Louie’s only troubles. He was in pain, and he was ready to go. Our final night together was spent like the previous 2,179 – together, camped out on the living room floor as a family. Through the night he rested his paws across our arms, laid his head against our faces, encircled his body around his little sister and snored the night away. On April 1 surrounded by his weeping family, Louie, our 9-year old Pit Bull and first love passed quickly across the rainbow bridge. There will never be a day he’s not missed. There is a growing shrine to him in our living room – his ashes, a plaque of his paw print, cards from all the family members who are grieving his loss and the many treasures we’ve found on the beach since he’s been gone, that we’re sure he’s left for us to stumble across and think of him – as though he’s ever far from our thoughts.

It may be hard to comprehend why in the twilight hours of our grief we began the search for another Pit Bull to rescue – but only if you don’t know us and if you can’t comprehend that no one, either two-legged or four, that passes can ever be replaced. We began our search for our next family member because the best way we knew how to honour a GREAT dog was to save another. The search was on and the criterion was simple – he must need our family as much as we need him. “He’ll have the same soft eyes as Louie; that’s how we’ll know he’s the one Louie is leading us too.”


On April 12, we packed up the car and our Frenchie, Gerdie and took to the road. There was only one destination – Vernon to meet Steffie, Kesler and Kesler’s foster-parents. A quick walk, a low drama introduction – Kesler may not have been sure what was going to happen next but we were. He had just hit the jackpot! We were going to spend the next years helping him forget every day before he came into our lives . . . the chain, the abuse and neglect, the fear. Our veteran of cruelty was going to show our family and friends that Louie wasn’t an anomaly – he was a Pit bull – the most resilient, people-loving, forgiving, misunderstood, under-adopted and abused breed. We vied for our boy like we were in a competition with 100s, the way every Pit Bull deserves to be wanted.


On April 22 his adoption was finalized. Along with paying Kesler’s adoption fee, donations were made to our two favourite rescues, Sit Pretty Pit for bringing us our new boy, and Hugabull for bringing us the boy who started it all.

So now we introduce to you, Barney Rubble! (formally Kesler). We could tell you a 1000 things we already love about him, all the ways he is perfect. But this is all you need to know – He has Louie’s eyes.

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