Happy Anniversary Wilcox’s

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Long time Pit bull advocates and Sit Pretty Pit supporters, Darryl and Chrissy Wilcox celebrated their anniversary in a special way this year by making a very generous donation to us in lieu of giving each other gifts.

Darryl and Chrissy are Pit bull lovers and are guardians themselves to three beautiful pits, Maia, Hamster and Diablo. After supporting their own dog through physical and neurological disabilities, they have made it a family mission to support other bullies in rescue with issues that we may not otherwise have been able to help. Having a soft spot for “broken” bullies, they have donated to and sponsored many dogs.

In addition to their personal gifts to Sit Pretty Pit, they raise money at their Kelowna business and spread the word about our organization to costumers, friends and family.

We can’t thank the Wilcox family enough for their continued generosity, love and support.



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