Isla and Babies

NamesWe welcomed a sweet momma dog and her babies into our program!!

Meet Isla and her 5 puppies!

With 18 dogs currently in our care, we had intended to finalize some adoptions before taking on any more. But when we received a call about a sweet new mom and her five 2-week-old puppies left at a local pound, we couldn’t turn them away. The shelter environment is no place for baby puppies! Momma dog Isla couldn’t be sweeter and she was more than happy to let us bundle her little family up and whisk them off to foster care.

Meet Pilot, Mary, Jax, Ellie and Luna (2 boy, 3 girls!). Already these monkeys are mobile and keeping their foster mom hopping. Wags and puppy kisses to sponsors Alexa, Alanna, Ranette, Sarah, Tyranna and Stacey, and to Rose for sponsoring momma dog herself!! Please visit our sponsorship page if you would like to contribute to the care of Isla and pups. We would also appreciate donations of quality puppy food.

We will be considering adoption applications for these babes once we get to know them individually. They will be ready for their new homes in September. Isla will also be in need of a foster or foster-to-adopt home once she’s done being a momma!



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