Sponsor Spotlight – Vicki, Emma and Mick

Vicki is a dedicated pit bull guardian and breed advocate who gives often and generously to animal welfare groups in our community. We asked her to write a few words on why she chose sponsorship.

UntitledWe adopted Mick and Emma in 2010 from the Vernon SPCA , where we volunteered as dog walkers. We had no idea how much these two Staffordshire Terrier X’s would change our lives and put into question our own perception’s. It became very clear by the end of the first week that we had fallen for “Pitbull”’s and with that label came the change. I felt angry that I was having to defend them all of a sudden when asked “is that a pitbull”? or hearing “ I don’t like the breed” . I never had people turn and walk the other way before when they saw us coming.

Where was all this judgement coming from and what did my dog’s do to deserve it. I just didn’t understand the magnitude of the term Pitbull and what it meant to Mick and Emma, I never thought of them as a “Pitbull”. They are just Mick and Emma and although they were a bit unruly, why were they being judged by a label and not by who they are as individual dogs. Another realization came quickly, I had been that person, maybe not to that extreme, but still I had judged because of the word “Pitbull”.

Emma was readopted by a beautiful lady, Sandy , in 2011 , she thrives and flourishes in her life today and continues to be a part of our lives, Mick has grown into the most amazing dog and he rocks his own self everyday. The urge to defend them is gone, but I do defend this beautiful and most misunderstood breed and champion there cause by supporting rescue’s like Sit Pretty Pit. After meeting Isla and her pups, I decided to sponsor her so that she can have the same opportunity that Mick and Emma had. I’m also very fond of the lovely girls that work tirelessly every day at Sit Pretty Pit.

Knowledge is power and power evokes change… so let’s keep working to make that change for all pitty’s <3

Thank you to Vicki and all our sponsors! For more information on our sponsorship program, visit us here.


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