There are many reasons why we choose to stick to positive training methods. Please use the link below to find out more! For a trainer recommendation please email us.



While Pit bulls aren’t fussy, their bodies often are! They are commonly prone to skin issues and allergies which makes diet very important. Grain free, higher quailty foods is often the best option. There are many options on the market from kibble to dried to going raw!


The athletic body, keen intelligence, legendary tenacity of the pit bull type dog makes them capable of amazing feats of strength and endurance which makes them excellent sporting dogs!It is important to find a sport or activity which both you and your dog enjoy. Some dogs are naturally better at some activities than others.  There are a variety of dog sports to get involved in recreationally or competitively.

Service and Therapy Dog

They work as hearing assistant dogs, physical assistant dogs, and in a variety of other capacities. They offer stability, strength and a willing nature, all necessary for the serious task of service and therapy dogs.


Canine Good Neighbour and Canine Good Citizen Certification

This evaluation was developed by the CKC and AKC respectively to identify and reward responsible and caring owners, and their canine partners. The owner/dog team is asked to perform in 10-12 simple tests based on real life interaction. See the CGN Participant Handbook here for training tips.

Identifying your pit bull as a Canine Good Neighbour serves:
1. To increase awareness and appreciation of dogs (and especially bully breed dogs) as valued, contributing members of society.
2. To assist in teaching and promoting responsible dog ownership.

3. To certify that dogs conduct themselves in a manner, which is reliable and trustworthy in situations encountered in everyday living, be it around people, at home, in public, or in the presence of other dogs.


A sport of strength and will. Pit bulls love to work and must will to do this sport without any force. Picture of Bounce from Flat Land Pits


The fastest growing dog sport! Lots of fun for those who can remain control off lead. Dogs learn to a variety of motions to complete a course.

Tracking and trailing

In tracking the dog follows the actual footsteps of the person. Trailing dogs follow a combination of both the footstep scent and the airborne scent.

Fly Ball

The dogs run down through a series of jumps, come to the flyball box which the dog must hit with its foot, the ball shoots out, the dog catches it and races back to the handler

Dock Dog

For dogs which love the water, somebody has come up with a contest to see whose dog can jump the furthest off the dock and the highest off the dock


Test your dogs speed and retrieving skills by throwing a Frisbee. There is a variety of ways to throw and for the dog to catch.

Obedience and Rally

In obedience trials dog and handler are required to work as a team, demonstrating the dog’s ability to obey commands and to be a useful canine citizen

Herding and Hunting

For the hunting and farming fanatics.1623220_10151919710416500_1448836983_n

Flirtpole and Springpole fun!

The flirtpole is fun for any breed of dog which has reasonable prey drive or playfulness. Terriers in particular enjoy it. The flirtpole is excellent for tiring out your dog when you don’t have a lot of time or space. Say, when traveling, and you want to let her her yah-yahs out before you bed down for the night. A relatively small grass or dirt area + one flirtpole = one happy, tired dog

The springpole is mentioned in many old books on conditioning dogs. In fact, “springpole contests” of sorts are mentioned in medieval text. It is made for the dog to hold a piece of leather or rope while suspended in the air


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