MYTH: Pit Bulls are unpredictable

The American Temperament Test has been a gold standard in canine temperament testing for over 30 years. Over 28,000 dogs have been exposed to a standard set of challenges and assessed for traits like shyness, aggressiveness, and friendliness. Pit bull breeds have a HIGHER pass rate than Border Collies, English Sheepdogs, and Boxers.

MYTH: Pit Bulls have a locking jaw

There is no evidence for the existence of any “locking mechanism” unique to the structure or teeth of pit bull type dogs. The studies have found that skull, mandibles and teeth of pit bulls are no different then other breeds of dogs. There is no such thing as “lock jaw” in this breed.

Myth: Breed Bans Work

Breed bans are logistically problematic, expensive, and inhumane. Organizations like the Canadian and American Kennel Clubs, the BC and Canadian Veterinary Associations, Human Societies, and SPCAs have spoken publicly against breed bans.

Where breed bans are implemented, they generally have a short life span because they don’t work – we can look to Italy and the Netherlands for examples. The irresponsible breeders and owners who have their pit bulls taken away simply gravitate toward another breed. In the process, innocent dogs are exterminated and beloved family pets are removed from their homes.


Myth: Bluenose and Rednose is a type of Pit Bull

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Bluenose and rednose is not a breed of dog, rather it refers to a dogs coat colour and is used by back yard breeders as a marketing tool. Pit Bulls come in a variety of different colours but traditionally the breed was based on performance not appearance. Kennel clubs recognize white, pied, fawn, and brindle. Black and tan are only recognized as appropriate in certain clubs.



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