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Not everyone can foster, and that’s okay. Have a direct impact in another way- by becoming a Sponsor! Our Sponsorship program allows you to provide for the dog of your choice through donation. As a volunteer-run organization, every dollar raised benefits the dogs in our care. If you don’t have a specific adoptable in mind, ask us! We gratefully acknowledge our Sponsors with recognition on your sponsored dog’s adoptable listing.

We have created a variety of care packages to completely provide for and prepare each foster dog for his forever home:

Foster Care Essentials $25 

There are a few basic items that accompany every new dog leaving the shelter. A martingale collar, leash and Kong toy make up our Foster Essentials package.

Reward-Based Training $50

Some of our adoptables need just a little more help to fulfill their potential as breed ambassadors. Luckily we have the support of stellar local trainers to bring out the very best in our dogs. We begin with an individual assessment and training plan.

Diet & Wellness $50

Buy a bag of quality food for your pooch! Limited ingredient diets or dehydrated raw keeps our dogs looking and feeling great, while avoiding a allergy-related skin ailments that are so common in the pit bull breeds.

Foster Care Extras $100

We supply foster homes with everything they need to care for their Sit Pretty pit so that cost is not an obstacle to fostering. The bigger ticket items in this package include a crate and no-pull harness.

Vet Care Essentials $100

Most of our rescue costs come in the form of vet bills. We provide every dog with at least a basic exam, core vaccinations, spay or neuter, and permanent ID prior to adoption. The Health and Wellness package covers this routine vetting.

Please specify your gift and the dog you wish to sponsor in the ‘Message to Seller’, or contact us with your instructions.

Please check out our How To Help page!


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