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Our foster program


Where do the dogs come from?

Sit Pretty Pit works primarily with local  SPCA and municipal shelters to provide foster care and adoption for pit bulls in need. We find dogs of every size, age and temperament in the BC shelter system. Most of our dogs are young adults simply lacking direction and responsible ownership, but we will occasionally have litters of puppies, or senior dogs abandoned in their retirement. Many are unclaimed strays. The longer a dog languishes in the shelter, the more likely they are  to suffer kennel stress and eventually deteriorate to the point of being ‘unadoptable’. Some pounds don’t have the option of holding dogs past their 72 hour stray hold and these dogs just need out- fast!

How will you match me with a dog?

Each potential program dog is assessed in the shelter by a Sit Pretty Pit Director. We evaluate the dog’s temperament, manners, health, socialization and basic obedience, and use this information to pair the dog with a suitable foster home. We want fostering to be a positive experience for both you and your foster dog, so we are careful to match you with a dog that fits your ability, household and lifestyle.

What is expected of me?

As a foster family, you will be asked to help us further assess your foster dog for adoption. We are interested to know how the dog behaves in a home environment, with you and your family, with your pets, and outside the home. We support you in helping the dog become more adoptable; we ask you to crate-train, house-train, teach basic commands, and reinforce good manners. Formal training for you and your pooch can be arranged as needed. Sit Pretty Pit provides crate, supplies, and food, and covers all necessary vetting. Each dog spends at least one month in foster care being evaluated and readied for adoption.

olivia and tessaWe depend on your feedback (and photos!) to create an adoptable dog page for your foster dog. It typically takes a few months to attract and screen the right adopter. Once the applicant is approved, a meet and greet with the dog is arranged at the foster home or mutually agreed upon location. It is a bittersweet moment to see your foster dog adopted, but seeing the dog blossom in your care and then thrive in a forever home is the most rewarding part of fostering -and makes you want to do it all again!

How do I get approved to foster?
Contact us for a foster application! One of our Directors will give you a follow up phone call to discuss our guidelines and the dogs currently in need. We require a home check prior to placing a dog in your care. Our foster volunteers must be 19 years of age and hold home owner’s or renter’s insurance.


Our Forms are down but email us and we will send you one!

Full name:

Date of birth:


Primary phone number:

Alternate phone number:

Email address:

Best day/time to call:

Please provide the name and age of any other household members:


Do you own or rent your home?


If applicable, do you have landlord / strata permission to foster a pit bull type dog?


Type of home:


If you have a fenced yard, is it fully fenced?

How many hours per day, on average, will the dog be home alone?

We ask that our foster dogs to be crated or otherwise segregated from other pets when unsupervised. Do you have a designated area for the dog to stay when you are out of the house

Please describe any current pets:

Are your pets altered and up to date on vaccinations?

How do your pets interact with other dogs?


What training challenges have you faced, if any, with your own dog(s)? How did you handle them?

Which of the following behavioural challenges would you be willing to work on in a foster dog?


House soiling

Separation anxiety


Reactivity on leash

Poor manners

Resource guarding


Being comfortable in a crate can increase a dog’s adoptability. Are you willing to crate train?


Are you familiar with rewards-based training methods that do not involve physical force or dominance?


How much time per day can you devote to exercising your foster dog?


For the dog’s safety, we ask that foster dogs are kept on a leash when not in the house or in a secured area. We also ask that you refrain from visiting off-leash dog parks. Are you willing to accommodate this?


What length of time would you be willing to foster a dog?


Please indicate the dog you would be willing to foster (choose all that apply):

Puppy requiring house training

Older puppy/ high energy young adult

Easy going adult only

Senior/ dog with health issues

Dog with a litter

Dog unfriendly with strange dogs

Dog unfriendly with cats/ small animals


Additional comments?

Thank you for considering fostering!

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